Monday, May 23, 2011

New CRW Summer Feature: Bad Female Academic


I have been thinking about this post and summer series for a while now. It fits in well with what I write about both here and for the University of Venus. I was planning on doing these posts on Friday, but it looks like Mondays it is. Makes more sense, as I will have the weekend to write them. Although, over the summer, every day looks a lot the same (take care of kids in the AM, write and research in the PM, rinse, repeat).

What is this weekly feature? Every week, I will look at all the ways I am a Bad Female Academic. Some weeks, it will be about why am I a bad academic more generally, sometimes about how I am a bad female. Other weeks, it will be why I am a bad combination of the two. I specifically want to deal with the ways in which our communities (large and small) try to limit who I am and how I am allowed to view and understand myself. The pressures academia places on me are well-knows, as are larger societal messages about who I am supposed to be as a woman, mother, and wife. When these two worlds collide...

I am inspired by two people in particular: Her Bad Mother and Worst Professor Ever. But unlike Worst Prof (and more like Bad Mother), I tired to leave academia and found myself pulled back in (OK, so once you have kids, you're pretty much stuck with them, but you get the analogy, right?). In my mind, the work of breaking the stereotypes of what it is to be a "good" mother and a "good" academic (which, in my mind, sounds an awful lot like being a "good girl" - actually, go and listen to the Barenaked Ladies song, you'll see what I mean). They are chains hanging around our necks and I want to really take a long, hard look at them.

But mostly I'm just tired of all the things I should or shouldn't be doing, worrying about what everyone else thinks, and just be who I am, which is, apparently, a Bad Female Academic.

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  1. Honestly don't mean this to sound grammar-picky, but you have a wonderful end-of-semester Freudian slip in the third paragraph: "I tired to leave academia..." Yes, indeed.


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