Bad Female Academic

These have proven to be quite popular. Here they are all in one place:

What is Bad Female Academic?
Loving Research AND Teaching
Administrative Ambition
On Being a Wife
Motherhood and Being an Academic
Non-Academic Interests (or Having a Life)
Being Loud (and not Funny)
Getting Dirty
Being Myself
Slightly Progressive Parenting
Am I in the Wrong Class?
Not Interested in Passing
Shameless Self-Promotion
My Bawdy Body
Admitting I'm Wrong

I also now have some posts over at my new home at Inside HigherEd:

Emotional Wreck
More Money, Please
I Want to be Bad
On Being Myself, Redux 
Review of Mudwoman
Green-Eyed Monster
Putting Myself First 
Just Say No 

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  1. Thank you so much. Your posts are awesome, especially the one in which you discuss the complexity of being a mom, a women and an academic. I will be applying to a college in Chicago next year and i find this inspiring.


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